About Us

We at Holy Vedaa Ayurvedaa ,a team of philanthropists and enthusiasts,  have taken a vow to promote authentic Ayurveda globally. It is our mission to see to it that benefits of Ayurveda reach to the mankind at grass root level. Millions of people are suffering from such deseases which Allopathy find complex or even impossible to treat. These slowly become chronic and make sufferings multidimensional . Once chronic condition affect the psyche of patient he starts geting complexes and becomes liabilty instead of asset for the country. Ayurveda with its time tested holistic and wholesome methods, wherein patient is treated not the desease, come to the rescue. We have seen that patients suffering for 10 years gets treated in a span of months by ayurveda by our Ayurvedachryas.This has prompted us to make this available to masses at a very reduced cost at no loss no profit basis. Purity and refinement status of our products make them stand apart and taller than the products available in market , that too at a very reuced cost.

It is deplorable that some companies in the name of ayurvedic power , stamina and body building substances are selling potentially hazardous drugs,steroids,  chemicals and  habit making psychotropic substances.which are very dangerous in long run. Our organisation wishes to provide safe alternative of authentic and pure ayurveda through Holy Vedaa Aayurveda with KalpRishi Healthways Bahadrabad manufacturing for it.

Our manufacturing company KalpRishi Healthways Pvt Ltd is equipped with latest manufacturing facilities and QC lab.We have approvals from FDA (state government) on all products we are offering here.

Utilizing the holistic Ayurvedic approach  expert Ayurvedacharyas  successfully treated innumerable people and has helped them to achieve significant and lasting improvement with their health issues ranging from Arthritis, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Obesity, Psychological, Gastrointestinal, Hair and Skin disorders to Insomnia, Migraine, Fibromyalgia, Gynecological issues, Spine and Sexual disorders etc with help of our authentic ayurvedic quality tested products.