Ortho Charge Oil


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Prasarani oil Kapoor Saindhavadi oil Terpentine oil Gandhapoorna oil Shoolgajendra tel Orthrocharge  oil is one of the best solutions to get relief from various pain associated with Muscles, Legs, Back, Neck, Joints and Shoulders.

How does it work

The combination of various herbs in this  formulation provide rich source of healing components which have tendencies to provide relief from pain even in chronic conditions. These active ingredients help in stimulation of blood circulation, stiff muscles and limbs, body ache, muscular pains, severe joint pain or swelling. The oil preparation with base as 'Til oil' has many advantages in relieving from mild to severe pain. Til oil has been designated as one of the best alternative and complementary approach for reduction in pain associated with muscles, joints and shoulders. It benefits in various pains associated with joints, muscles and rheumatism.It contains effective phytochemicals that help in reducing pain associated with muscles, joints and shoulders. The presence of active molecules helps in the inhibition of the inflammation inducing intermediates. Camphor has analgesic effects and helps in stimulating the blood circulation across cold, stiff muscles and limbs.It is very useful in various painful conditions such as joint pain and sore pain.

Dosage: Apply lukewarm on the affected area followed by gentle massage

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